About us

Public Institution Naujininkai Polyclinic is a non-profit public health care institution of Vilnius City Municipality registered in 1997. Outpatient health care primary and secondary care services for children and adults are provided at the outpatient clinic, preventive health programs are funded by the compulsory health insurance fund, preventive health checks are provided for employees, odontology, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and other health services are provided. thsd population. The most frequent disease counseling specialists available in the polyclinic fully meet the needs of our contingent. In order to ensure the availability of the services provided, there is a pre-registration (on arrival at the outpatient clinic, telephone and internet) to the primary-level physicians providing services, and for dispensary patients in our healing specialists in 2017, we started to work fully in the newly built Central Sterilization Center, where mechanized dangerous cleaning and disinfection of especially dangerous medical instruments in order to ensure the safety of health care services. We have a branch office – Salininkai Ambulatory (P.Žvirkos g. 2), where primary family doctor services are provided.